How cybersecurity posture assessment safeguards your organization?

How cybersecurity posture assessment safeguards your organization?

What is cybersecurity posture assessment?

With the exponential increase in the shift of companies from work from the office to work from home, the chances of cyber threats and risk saw a huge rise in the recent few months. Attacks like Ransomware and Phishing now can have a more severe impact resulting in losses for companies.

So what can be done to protect sensitive data, secure the systems?

The answer is ‘cybersecurity posture assessment is best solution for every organization’.

Cybersecurity Posture Assessment brings all the information security practices and programs under one single umbrella to minimize risk & threats. So it basically includes all high-end processes evaluation, risk identification, remediation or mitigation mechanisms.

Tensecure Process of cybersecurity posture assessment

To cope up with latest threats and vulnerabilities in configuration, hardware, software, code and all the relevant probable sources, Tensecure developed a 6 step methodology to make sure your organization is safe and secure as per industry standards.


It deals with the process of knowing all the assets and calculating their value proposition to prioritize risk and prepare a blueprint accordingly. Also the access levels of various users are determined.

Data moderation

Data moderation simply refers to a process of categorizing data into sensitive and non sensitive data. Now sensitive data again sorted into categories of scope according to the value it carries.

Examination & Testing

The process involves finding all the loopholes in current configurations, devices, vulnerable codes, software etc. The objective is to test everything for all possible attack vectors and prepare a list of all findings.


Once we have a list of all possible vulnerabilities in all the assets, our expert security professionals perform attacks to exploit the current vulnerabilities and calculate the risk.

Calculate the exploitation metrics

The exploitation process gives complete details about to what extent and how much compromise may harm the organization. The process helps to determine the hierarchy of actions required to minimize the risk.

Remediation and protection

Once documentation is prepared, depicting the hierarchy of most critical assets, the cyber security professionals from Tensecure start working on mitigations and remediation for future risks.

What we offer in our cybersecurity assessment posture?

  1. Patching Mechanism
  2. Email Security
  3. Vulnerability Assessment
  4. Red Teaming
  5. Ransomware Protection
  6. Access management
  7. Virus and malware protection
  8. MITM Safeguard
  9. Critical data disclosure
  10. Secure Configurations
  11. Password Management
  12. Policy enforcement

still, Not sure about the security issues in your organization? Connect with our experts to help you out with the best advice.

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