Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment & Management

Vulnerability Assessment and Vulnerability Management is integral to define a strong security posture. Let our seasoned security professionals perform Vulnerability Assessment and assist you in Vulnerability Management with the help of systems and our technical expertise.

When it comes to solving problems and mitigating vulnerabilities, it’s best to analyze them first before you try to fix them.With our effective vulnerability assessment program, we give an organization the tools needed to understand its security weaknesses, assess the risks associated with those weaknesses, and put protections in place that reduce the likelihood of a breach.

Each vulnerability assessment done by Tensecure provides the organization with information about weaknesses in its environment, offers fresh insights into degrees of risk, and suggests ways to best mitigate the risks associated with those weaknesses and evolving threats.


We provide a comprehensive vulnerability assessment program in 4 phases:

Phase I

Identifying the Scope



Phase II

Identification of misconfiguration and vulnerabilities


Phase III

Validation of the identified vulnerabilities and elimination of the false positives


Phase IV

Identified vulnerabilities are reported with appropriate mitigation measures & patch details.