Container Security

Container Security

With containers, complex applications can be deployed on a single host utilizing many different micro-services host in containers on that host. With this advantage that containers give, it is important to protect their integrity. This includes everything from the applications they hold, to the infrastructure they rely on.

In our container security service, we include everything from the applications they hold to the infrastructure they rely on. Container security needs to be integrated and continuous.

Our Approach

While giving optimal container security, we focus on the following:

  1. Container Security Architecture
  2. The security of the container host
  3. Container network traffic
  4. The security of your application within the container
  5. Malicious behavior within your application
  6. Securing your container management stack
  7. The foundation layers of your application

Tensecure scans container images based on a constantly updated stream of aggregate sources of vulnerability data (CVEs, vendor advisories, and proprietary research), which ensures up-to-date, broad coverage while minimizing false positives. Additionally, find malware, embedded secrets, OSS licenses, and configuration issues in your images to further reduce the attack surface.

Discover sophisticated malware hidden in open source packages & 3rd party images, preventing attacks on your container-based applications, including credential theft, cryptocurrency mining,  data exfiltration.

Aqua DTA dynamically analyzes images before they in a secure isolated sandboxed environment, examining and tracing behavioral anomalies to uncover advanced malware that cannot be detected by static scanners.